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Day 1: Watch this video about Wikis from CAS TV In class, I will help you find and log into the Wiki. We will create a practice page, and each person will add to the practice page. On the practice page, add an anonymous comment about your attitudes toward writing in the first week of class.

Day 2: Here is the goal for the wiki: Create a database of learning materials that you can access to help you with your writing in other classes. I will describe the genres we will learn to write throughout the semester.

First, we will browse two websites to gain an understanding of genres in writing. Then, I will assign you to a group and a genre. I will provide you with the requirements for your wiki page. It must include:

  1. A description of the genre and how to identify it
  2. An example of the genre - Requirements of the genre
  3. At least 5 sources to turn to for help with the genre.
  4. A YouTube video explaining the genre and its components.
  5. Examples from the sample genre document pointing out the elements your group identified.
  6. Appropriate citations for the sources used in the creation of your wiki listed at the bottom of the page.

Day 3: You will create this Wiki with your group. Each person in the group will receive the same grade. If there are issues with one person not doing the required work, please talk to me. There are some resources available through our textbook and the writing center to help you listed on this help page. Additionally, I will provide each group with a genre sample to preview that we will be reading later in the semester.

  1. Literary Analysis: PDF provided by me.
  2. Reflection: PDF provided by me.

Day 4: Groups will present the wiki page on your required genre. Each person will explain one section of the wiki page. The wiki page will remain on the website for the entire year and beyond to be used as a reference tool.

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